Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about Builder’s Balms™.

Do I have to be a builder to use Builder’s Balms™?
Of course not. You only need to have rough, dry or cracked hands. We’ve found Builder’s Balms™ work great for anybody that uses their hands — from dog walkers and delivery people, to dish washers and knitters. Everybody’s hands get a workout now and then.

Are Builder’s Balms™ tested on animals?
Absolutely not. No Fidos, Fluffys, Pollys, Terry the Turtles or any other animal is used to test our products. Although we have found some dogs like the taste enough to lick it off your hands. Don’t worry, it’s non-toxic.

Why should I use Builder’s Balms™ instead of some other cream or ointment?
Well, we’d like to just say ‘because it works the best!’. However, for those of you that like those actual fact-like things, Builder’s Balm doesn’t dry on the surface like creams do. It penetrates and softens and although it isn’t greasy, it will continue to moisturize for hours after applying. And ointments? Just try lifting a 2 by 4 with oily ointment on your hands. Butterfingers. Our balm gives you a great grip, without feeling slippery.

How long will one tin of Builder’s Balm™ last?
Under normal use, one tin of our balm should last for weeks, if not months. It all depends on how often you use it. We’ve found it’s habit-forming though. Once you’ve tried it, we think you’ll use it everyday. The salesperson in us says you should probably buy two of course. Or how about a crate? They make great presents.

Where will you ship Builder’s Balms™?
We’ll send Builder’s Balm™ anywhere the postal service or a reliable courier service will deliver. Standard delivery rates apply of course, but we’ll always try to ship our product the most economical way for you.

Hey, why not?

Are Builder’s Balms™ safe for use on children or pets?
Our products are made from completely non-toxic (and we think fully edible) ingredients. However, like any responsible parent or owner would do, please check for any ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction before applying. And yes, pets have been known to eat it (accidentally we hope) and be fine.

Can I purchase Builder’s Balms™ in bulk?
Absolutely. Please contact our sales department at sales@buildersbalms for more information. We recommend about 2 million crates of course.

What if I don’t like Builder’s Balm™?
No problem. We’ll think you’re crazy but just send us back the unused portion for a full refund. That’s our Builder’s Guarantee.