Our Story

We’re all builders. Whether it’s digging in the sand pile, playing with LEGO, cooking, gardening, building houses, highrises, roads or cars, you’re a builder.

I’m a builder, engineer, inventor, tinkerer. That means I dig, shovel, cut, grind, sand, lay bricks, plumb, weld, brand, paint, stain, patch, machine, grease. My hands take the abuse of whatever I do.

I’m also a husband and father and rough hands don’t go over too well with my family for many reasons.

Sure, I could and do wear gloves when I can, but let’s face it, you need to get your job done, rubber gloves rip and thirty dollar gloves last only a few days when you’re working hard.

Over ten years ago I found that most hand creams or balms either simply didn’t work, or they had enough chemicals in them  that I didn’t want to end up in other places.

I’m no weekend warrior or casual gardener. I use my hands everyday in all kinds of conditions where I can’t always (or don’t want to) wear gloves. My hands sucked. They were rough and tough and great for building when they weren’t cracked and bleeding. But for the finer things in life, how shall I say, they weren’t getting me anywhere.

Like Velcro and sandpaper, my hands caught and scratched on lycra and silk. I couldn’t even put a tie on without wrecking it.

So I started developing and using my own hand balm.
My first products stank. Really. They helped with the cracks and the roughness, but the product smelled so bad, nobody wanted to be near me. It was the Buckley’s of hand balms. I’ve come a long way since that first product. (If you really want some of my first product I might just bring it back – just ask for the stinky stuff)

Hand crafted and produced in small batches from natural ingredients, our products are field tested for you by builders. Whatever kind of builder you are, get some Builder’s Balm on. Keep your hands tough, but get rid of the cracks, catches and scratchy parts.

Get some Builder’s Balm.

Oh, and this is one product you might want to get two tins of – it turns out that it works great on those calloused and scratchy feet and dishpan hands. You may even want to get three tins – someone might just find out it works well for them too. Be a friend and tell them they can still be tough without having scratchy hands and feet.

- Joshua Abush, inventor of Builder’s Balms products