Builder’s Balm™ users speak…

“For years, my hands looked and felt awful. I just thought it was part of working with my hands all day. I tried my wife’s hand cream but it just made my hands slippery. Then I tried Builder’s Balm. What a difference. My hands feel great now. Even my wife thinks so! Thanks for making such a great product.”

- Bill McConnell, Pickering

“Just letting you know I bought Builder’s Balm at the Cottage Life Show. I work as a nurse in a neonatal intensive care unit. I wash my hands a lot with harsh antibacterial soap and they take a beating. They are dry, cracked and bleeding especially through the winter months. I have tried a number of different products to help. Builder’s Balm does the trick. I use very little and it keeps my hands protected through several washings. It keeps my hands soft and heals any small cracks that develop. I gave my son a tin because he is a nurse too. He reports that it is small and easy to keep handy while he makes his rounds with his patients. Thanks for sharing this wonderful product.”/em>

- Vicki

“Builder’s Balm! I use that ____ on everything. It’s great on my hands but after trying practically every over-the-counter cream, ointment, and oil, sold at the drug store plus a prescription salve from my doctor, I gave up on my too-ugly-for-sandals feet. Builders’ Balm solved the problem within a couple of weeks. I 100% recommend Builders’; It’s the bomb.”

- Dr. Charles Marino, Toronto

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